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Summer Tree Care Tips

Why is soil care important?

Most tree problems begin with poor soils, whether from lack of nutrients or other necessary soil components, soil compaction, or amount of acidity, among other factors. Improving your trees’ soils will help create conditions that are more like those of the forest floor, enabling tree roots to function at their best. When a landscape tree is growing in soil that is well-suited to its needs, it is fortified against pests, disease and environmental stresses.

Should I water my trees?

When in drought situations, the answer is yes. In our temperate zones, we need about 1 inch of water (or 625 gallons per 1,000 square feet) each week or two to cover our trees’ root system. It is better to water deeply or soak the soil than to water more frequently with less water. Watch the weather forecast. If rainfall is plentiful, extra water may not be needed. Use a rain gauge or simply place a cup or can in your garden to monitor rainfall and/or your sprinklers. Don’t over-water. Too much water, especially in poorly drained areas, may do more harm than good.

Should I worry about bugs and insects on my trees?

While most insects are more problematic in the spring, some insects like Japanese beetles and bagworm are more common in the summer. Now is a good time to consult a professionally trained arborist to inspect your trees and shrubs for unusual pest activity.

What can I do now to make sure my trees are healthy throughout the summer?

  • Check your trees for damage that may have occurred due to recent storms and cable, brace or remove weak limbs to prepare for severe weather.
  • Check mulch rings to see if additional material needs to be added. If the mulch is less than 2 inches thick, grass growing through it may become troublesome. Enlarge mulch rings whenever possible.
  • Monitor for insects and diseases. Check your trees and shrubs regularly for any sign of pest activity.
  • If our summer weather is dry, be sure to deeply water your trees and shrubs when necessary. Water is critical during leaf and shoot development.
  • Avoid using herbicides beneath trees that warn against such use on the label. The same herbicides that kill dandelions can hurt trees if they are not applied properly.

Do you provide emergency service?

Yes, we have 24-hour emergency service and can respond to storm damage to your trees and property in a timely fashion.